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FILENAME: bh2.jpg
Classic shot of Brocket Hall, with golfers attacking the 4th green.
SIZE: 4437 x 3328  /  12.9MB
FILENAME: mel02_1.jpg
A golfer tees of from the par 3 second hole on the Melbourne Course, crossing the River Lea for the 1st time on his round.
SIZE: 3504 x 2336  /  6.76MB
FILENAME: mel04_1.jpg
A view from the 4th tees on the Melbourne Course.
SIZE: 3504 x 2336  /  8.05MB
FILENAME: mel04_2.tif
Golfers on the 4th fairway attack the green across the water.
SIZE: 3504 x 2336  /  23.4MB
FILENAME: mel09_1.jpg
View of the 9th green on the Melbourne, a par 3. The perfectly manicured 18th fairway is in the distance.
SIZE: 3504 x 2336  /  6.76MB
FILENAME: mel16_1.jpg
Brocket Hall is in the background as golfers putt out on the 16th hole on the Melbourne.
SIZE: 3504 x 2336  /  7.88MB
FILENAME: mel18_1.jpg
To reach the 18th green, golfers use the ferry to cross the River Lea for the last time.
SIZE: 3504 x 2336  /  6.69MB
FILENAME: mel18_2.jpg
Brocket Hall overlooks the 18th on the Melbourne as a golfer tees off towards the river.
SIZE: 3504 x 2336  /  6.46MB
FILENAME: mel18_3.jpg
Golfers putt out on the 18th green on the Melbourne.
SIZE: 3504 x 2336  /  6.87MB
FILENAME: mel18_4.jpg
The Clubhouse can be seen on the left as golfers finish their round on the 18th, and another group approach the 1st tee.
SIZE: 3504 x 2336  /  7.82MB
FILENAME: palm03_1.jpg
The 3rd fairway of the Palmerston shows two central pot bunkers.
SIZE: 3504 x 2336  /  6.72MB
FILENAME: palm04_1.jpg
A golfer plays his approach to the 4th on the Palmerston Course, after negotiating the severe sloping fairway.
SIZE: 3504 x 2336  /  6.98MB
FILENAME: palm04_2.jpg
A view from the 4th green on the Palmerston, back towards the tee showing the sloping dogleg fairway.
SIZE: 3504 x 2336  /  6.08MB
FILENAME: palm06_1.jpg
From the 3rd tees, the 6th green can be seen sitting amongst the tall trees, at the top of a steep valley.
SIZE: 3504 x 2336  /  6.68MB
FILENAME: palm06_2.jpg
The 6th fairway on the Palmerston is split in two by a steep valley.
SIZE: 3504 x 2336  /  6.91MB
FILENAME: palm06_3.jpg
A view from the top of the valley, showing the surrounds of the 6th green on the Palmerston.
SIZE: 3504 x 2336  /  6.76MB
FILENAME: palm08_1.jpg
The Palmerston's par 3 8th hole looks closer than it is!
SIZE: 3504 x 2336  /  7.08MB
FILENAME: palm10_1.jpg
The 10th on the Palmerston slopes towards the open rolling hillsides as the golfer begins his journey back towards the woodland.
SIZE: 3504 x 2336  /  5.98MB
FILENAME: palm12_1.jpg
A chalk pit is the main hazard on the Palmerston's 12th hole.
SIZE: 3504 x 2336  /  6.92MB
FILENAME: palm13_1.jpg
Bunkers alpenty on the Palmerston's par 5 13th.
SIZE: 3504 x 2336  /  6.74MB
FILENAME: palm18_1.jpg
The 18th green on the Palmerston has Brocket Hall in the background as the golfer returns to the open parkland of the Estate.
SIZE: 3504 x 2336  /  5.89MB
FILENAME: palm18_2.jpg
18th fairway of the Palmerston Course.
SIZE: 3504 x 2336  /  6.18MB
FILENAME: ball-bh.jpg
A Brocket Hall logo ball with the Hall itself in the background, taken from the 18th tees.
SIZE: 3504 x 2336  /  4.86MB