Brocket Hall Images

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FILENAME: ballroom01.jpg
A view of the grand ballroom at Brocket Hall, with the Prime Minister's Table set for a meal.
SIZE: 4034 x 4086  /  20.6MB
FILENAME: ballroom03.jpg
An alternative shot of the Ballroom, set for a wedding breakfast or gala evening.
SIZE: 4096 x 2742  /  9.52MB
FILENAME: boardroom01.jpg
Brocket Hall's spacious boardroom.
SIZE: 4112 x 4168  /  16.5MB
FILENAME: billiard.jpg
The Billiard Room.
SIZE: 4056 x 4102  /  17.6MB
FILENAME: brockethallclassic.tif
A classic shot of Brocket Hall across the parkland.
SIZE: 3081 x 2052  /  18.0MB
Two golfers play the 4th hole on the Melbourne, across the water. Brocket Hall sits gracefully in the background.
SIZE: 4437 x 3328  /  12.9MB
FILENAME: ladymel.jpg
The Lady Melbourne suite, one of the principal suites on the first floor.
SIZE: 4069 x 4082  /  19.0MB
FILENAME: library.jpg
The Chippendale Library. A ceiling designed by Cipriani, fireplace by Adam and bookcases made for the room by Chippendale.
SIZE: 4052 x 4074  /  18.9MB
FILENAME: morningroom.jpg
One of Brocket Hall's ground-floor rooms, the Morning Room has a fine collection of English and Dutch seascapes.
SIZE: 4036 x 4047  /  18.8MB
FILENAME: queenvic.jpg
Queen Victoria's room.
SIZE: 2912 x 2915  /  6.87MB
FILENAME: regent01.jpg
The magnificent Prince Regent Suite - commissioned by the Prince himself and furnished with popular 18th Century 'chinoiserie' hand-painted wallpaper.
SIZE: 4092 x 4152  /  16.6MB
FILENAME: regent04.jpg
A view of the spacious bathroom within the Prince Regent Suite..
SIZE: 1189 x 1197  /  1.27MB