Auberge du Lac Restaurant Images

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FILENAME: auberge01.jpg
External shot, showing the terrace
SIZE: 4368 x 2912  /  7.58MB
FILENAME: auberge02.jpg
External shot, front entrance.
SIZE: 4368 x 2912  /  7.32MB
FILENAME: auberge03.jpg
External shot, dusk, across the Broadwater Lake.
SIZE: 4368 x 2912  /  8.42MB
FILENAME: auberge04.jpg
Front door.
SIZE: 2100 x 1397  /  2.68MB
FILENAME: auberge05.jpg
Food shot.
SIZE: 2100 x 1397  /  1.09MB
FILENAME: auberge06.jpg
External shot, across the Lake with ferry.
SIZE: 1535 x 1027  /  998KB
FILENAME: auberge07.jpg
SIZE: 4368 x 2912  /  2.73MB
FILENAME: auberge08.jpg
Food shot.
SIZE: 1397 x 2100  /  944KB
FILENAME: auberge09.jpg
Table shot.
SIZE: 4368 x 2912  /  3.08MB